Bar and restaurant business booms when Packers do well

MILWAUKEE (WITI) -- The announcement of Aaron Rodgers' return as starting quarterback for the Packers has bar and restaurant owners in Milwaukee expecting a big business bounce back this Sunday, December 29th.

The mood at Red Rock Saloon on Water St. is optimistic. Business thrives when the Packers perform, and they perform best when #12 is at the helm.

"When Aaron Rodgers and the Packers are doing well, people are in a better mood after the game and they stay longer," said co-owner Joshua Janis.

Workers say if there is no post season, it's likely profit margins will shrink.

"If they win and go into the playoffs, versus if they don't win and there is no playoff game, I'd say there will be a 30% difference in sales," said Janis.

Bartender Maria Tanel has a good feeling about this weekend's matchup.

"Now there's a little more hope for the Packers. Now more people are wanting to get out there and celebrate and we actually have a chance now," said Tanel.

Brewski's in Milwaukee says they have had customers calling to reserve tables ahead of Sunday's big game.

"Just saying 'hey, we've got a group of five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten people coming in. Is there any way you can find a spot for us to sit? Where can we set up? What time do we have to be there?'" said co-owner Marty Schwader.

Assuming the Packers win, Schwader is ready to plan and host another party next weekend.

Business owners say their die-hard fans never go away, but the return of Rodgers brings an atmosphere more people are accustomed to.