Banda sentenced to three years in prison for death of her son

MILWAUKEE (WITI) -- Alyssa Banda, the woman who pleaded guilty to child neglect resulting in death in connection with the homicide of her five-year-old son, Jayden Banda-Goodman, was sentenced to three years in prison plus another three years extended supervision Friday, May 31st.

Alyssa Banda and her boyfriend Marcos Colin were each charged with once count of child neglect resulting in death. Colin was sentenced to 19 years in prison earlier this month for pleading guilty to a lesser charge of 2nd degree reckless homicide.

According to prosecutors, Jayden Banda-Goodman was brought to the hospital on Thursday, October 19th, three days after his mother noticed bruises on his body.  He died two days later from his injuries.

"He had an abdominal infection, multiple bruises to the abdomen.  He also had bruises on his face," said prosecuting attorney Grant Huebner.

According to the criminal complaint, Banda first told hospital officials her boy had fallen down some stairs.  She later admitted that her boyfriend, Colin, had punched the little boy with boxing gloves to “toughen him up.”

Banda pleaded guilty to child neglect resulting in death.  At her sentencing Friday, she apologized to the court for her inactions.

"I give my life to the Lord and I lost the most valuable person in my life that I can't ever get back," she said.

Family members also spoke in court, asking the judge for a lighter sentence because Banda, too, was a victim of domestic abuse.  Colin also beat her, and was out on bail when he attacked Jayden.

"I know that she loved her son and she also was a victim," said Jayden's grandmother Tonya Goodman.

In the end, the judge said Banda needed to serve time for not doing enough to protect her child.

"I understand that you didn't cause any direct harm to your child, but you were party to this offense," said Judge Jeffrey Wagner.

It's a sentence both of Jayden's grandmothers believe is fair, but one they wish was shorter because Banda has already lost so much.

"The cycle of abuse has to be broken and she needs to be strong.  This will forever be in front of her face," said Syliva Banda, Alyssa Banda's mother and Jayden's grandmother.