'Bags of memories:' Flooding from water main break devastates neighborhood near 60th and Adler

MILWAUKEE -- Families near 60th Street and Adler Street were still drying out Sunday, Dec. 29 after a water main break on Saturday sent water rushing into their homes. FOX6's cameras captured front lawns filled with furniture, clothing, and appliances -- dragged out of basements to be thrown out.

"How does one move forward with all the loss -- with everything that was lost?" said Kiki Stolpa. "Bags of clothes. Bags of memories."

Randy Lancour

"Devastating, heartbreaking, knowing we are losing everything we had in our basement," said Randy Lancour. "We didn't have the manpower. We didn't have the towels. We didn't have anything to blockade our doors, prevent some of the water from coming in."

The ruptured water main near I-94 and Hawley Road left portions of the nearby neighborhood submerged on Saturday.

"It was cold," said Lancour. "It was cold, cold water."

The water poured into homes and totaled parked vehicles.

Kiki Stolpa's truck

"I want to cry," said Stolpa. "This is my baby. I took care of her, kept her well maintained."

Stolpa's truck was a gift from her mother, who passed away in 2015.

"This is kind of a memory," said Stolpa.

FOX6 found a wave of sadness in the neighborhood, with residents hopeful for some good news -- just as quickly as that water that came rushing in.

"I honestly want to leave," said Stolpa. "I'm in a pit. It's a pit."

"Now, it's just recovering what we can and hopefully the city steps in and helps us out," said Lancour.

Flooding near 60th and Hawley

Flooding near 60th and Hawley

A spokesman with the City of Milwaukee Department of Public Works said Sunday afternoon a new valve was installed to allow an alternate connection and restore water service to the affected residents, and the source of the water main break was still being addressed. He said crews would be excavating Sunday and would reconstruct the main and connection before filling the excavation and repairing the road.

Roads in the area, including Hawley, remained closed Sunday.