Back in court: What was Kris Zocco's attorney asking for?

MILWAUKEE (WITI) -- He was one of the last people to see Kelly Dwyer before her disappearance in October 2013. On Friday, September 19th, Kris Zocco was back in court. Zocco is not charged in the Dwyer case, but faces charges involving drugs and child pornography.

Friday in court, Zocco's attorney asked the judge to throw out four search warrants. Those warrants were for Zocco's apartment, phone and a storage device. A judge denied those requests.

Meanwhile, Dwyer's uncle was also in court. He still believes Zocco was involved in his niece's disappearance -- and had a message for him.

"You can't hide behind your father's money and your mother's skirt for the rest of your life," said John Van Leur, Dwyer's uncle. "Sooner or later, you are going to get nailed for something. And if it's not for something that happened to Kelly, maybe it will be this child pornography charge."

Again, Zocco has not been charged in connection with Dwyer's death. Next month will be one year since her disappearance.

Zocco will be back in court next month on the drug and porn charges.