'Awful:' Traffic backups cause thousands of Ed Sheeran fans to miss part of Milwaukee concert

MILWAUKEE -- Thousands of people who made their way to Miller Park on Wednesday evening, Oct. 24 to see Ed Sheeran in concert had to deal with massive traffic backups.

The Wisconsin Department of Transportation (WisDOT) traffic cams showed vehicles across five lanes -- and brake lights on.

"The way there was awful," said Melissa White. "We tried taking a couple different routes. Every route we took we were stuck in traffic."

White's normal 20-minute drive to Miller Park took roughly two hours. The delays caused some fans to miss the opening act and part of the main show.

"We basically paid $600 for a 45-minute concert," said Angie Porter.

Concert goers blame the bumper-to-bumper traffic on the stadium parking lots being understaffed.

"For a concert with 40,000 people, I think they should have been well-staffed and well-prepared," Porter added.

The Milwaukee Brewers issued the following statement on this matter:

"We are aware that there was significant congestion on several major routes as people traveled to Miller Park last night, and the process of moving cars into the lots was slower than anticipated. Our goal is to always provide the best fan experience possible and for many fans last night, we did not deliver. There are several factors related to hosting a concert that are different than a baseball game that created challenges. Regardless, we need to do better and we apologize for the inconvenience."

Despite the delays, Ed Sheeran fans like Melissa White say the experience was certainly unforgettable.

"He put on an awesome concert. We loved it, thought it was well worth the money -- and I guess well worth our time for two hours finding parking and being in traffic," White said.