Autopsy report: Wade Page had no drugs in system

MILWAUKEE -- The white supremacist who killed six people at the Sikh Temple of Wisconsin in Oak Creek had no drugs in his system during the shooting. That's according to the autopsy and toxicology reports released by the Milwaukee County Medical Examiner's Office on Wednesday, November 21st.

Wade Page's motives in targeting the Sikh Temple for his murder suicide rampage on Sunday, August 5th may always officially be a mystery. But what was going on inside his mind was evident with what was on the outside -- his extensive tattoos.

"Getting a tattoo is permanent. It's making a statement. But it's making a commitment to that statement and his body art was full of symbols of hatred," said Hannah Rosenthal of the Milwaukee Jewish Federation. "So he may not have been operating hand-in-hand with anyone, but he was operating hand-in-hand with a belief system."

Before this month, Rosenthal was an ambassador for Secretary of State Hillary Clinton investigating hatred around the world.

"People can wear symbols and they can say stupid hateful things. But we should pay attention to it," said Rosethal. "We should constantly condemn it. We should constantly point it out and recognize its connection to violence is paper-thin."

A full list of tattoos was released on Wednesday by the Milwaukee County Medical Examiner's Office. Page had the number 88 inked on his shoulder -- a symbol of support for Adulf Hitler. On his right upper arm, he had the number 38 over a gear -- traditionally supporting the white supremacist group, Hammerskin Nation. On his left shoulder, Page had the number 14 -- often referring to the preachings of a white supremacist leader. A Celtic cross was on his back -- a symbol often used by neo-Nazi groups. The letters F-O-A-D were tattooed on his fingers -- often standing for an expletive and the words "off" and "die."

The FBI says Page acted alone and was not encouraged by the groups he seemed to follow.

The toxicology report says Wade Page had a small amount of alcohol in his system, but the Medical Examiner's Office says alcohol is sometimes a by-product of decomposition, and it's not clear whether Page had been drinking beforehand. Page had no hard drugs in his system.

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