Attorneys, others have heavy calendar Wed. as Courthouse opens

MILWAUKEE (WITI) -- Court was back in session on Wednesday, January 29th, after the Milwaukee County Courthouse shut down on Tuesday due to the extreme cold. On Wednesday morning, the Courthouse reopened to a rush of patrons.

Caleb Salahadyn was busy serving coffee at the Courthouse cafe on Wednesday morning.

"I see people coming in from cases, I see lawyers, the DAs, the county workers. It was a good sale today. We made about double our profits," Salahadyn said.

Salahadyn was hoping his tips would double too, since he missed out on a day of work on Tuesday. Official Courthouse employees were paid for Tuesday, but Salahadyn was not.

Shoeshiner Alex Brown wasn't paid for Tuesday either.

"The whole building was closed," Brown said.

In Brown's chair Wednesday was Attorney Edward Wright -- taking a quick break during a day of catch up in court.

"I went to a total of three courts and all three courts were pretty crowded just because there were attorneys from today's calendar and yesterday's calendar both trying to get things handled," Wright said.

Those who had court matters scheduled for Tuesday had those matters taken care of on Wednesday.

"On a normal day, they might do 100 in the morning, even more than that and 100 in the afternoon and now they are doing 200 in the morning, and 200 in the afternoon, so it gets to be a pretty heavy calendar," Clerk of Courts John Barrett said.

Barrett reports no major hangups on Wednesday at the Courthouse.