Attorney kicked out of River Club of Mequon as more allegations of inappropriate contact surface

MEQUON -- A second person has come forward -- accusing a lawyer of inappropriate contact at a Mequon country club. This, as the man accused in this case has been kicked out of the club.

River Club of Mequon

Police are investigating both alleged incidents, and a "probable cause" statement has been filed.

Meanwhile, the lawyer for the accuser says there was a plan to cover this all up.

A 20-year-old woman who worked at the River Club in Mequon claims 59-year-old Christopher Hale, an attorney and now former River Club member, groped her in mid-August.

Christopher Hale

"She`s very stressed out," Kevin Demet, the attorney for the accuser said.

Demet says Hale was golfing with two people, when he "told the others to play ahead," staying back with the 20-year-old beer cart attendant. At that point, the woman says Hale "accosted her sexually."

"You`re taught at a club to be accommodating of these people and I just think she was completely shocked by what happened," Demet said.

After the incident, Demet says club officials had Hale write up an agreement instead of going to police.

Confidential settlement agreement

The victim rejected that agreement.

"They collaborated with Attorney Hale and had Mr. Hale drafted this agreement that relieves them of all liability in exchange for payment of her lost wages," Demet said.

Hale remained a member of the club until recently.

River Club of Mequon

FOX6 News has obtained a letter sent to River Club members. In that letter, the club's general manager says "the club has discovered a claim by another employee" -- saying in 2014, that person also "experienced unwelcome and inappropriate conduct" from the same member.

The letter goes on to say club officials decided to terminate Hale's membership.

The accusations in this case go beyond the clubhouse -- and this case is now in the hands of investigators.

Questions remain about what happened, and the next steps.

"I don`t think she ever anticipated having all of this coverage of this situation," Demet said.

Hale has posted $10,000 bail.

Meanwhile, a special prosecutor has been assigned to handle this case.

River Club of Mequon

FOX6 News reached out to attorneys for Hale and the River Club for comment, but we have not heard back.

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