Attorney General candidates Schimel, Happ focus on their experience ahead of Election Day

MILWAUKEE (WITI) -- Voters head to the polls in the November 4th General Election in a matter of hours, and on the eve of the election, attorney general candidates Brad Schimel and Susan Happ worked to reach out to voters in their last-minute push for support.

The most recent Marquette University Law School Poll, released last week, shows this is expected to be a tight race. The poll shows Schimel is slightly ahead, but many voters say they don't know a lot about either candidate.

Democratic candidate Susan Happ, the current Jefferson County District Attorney, visited campaign workers in Milwaukee on Monday, November 3rd -- thanking them for their hard work and sending them out to take part in last-minute door-to-door outreach.

"I have this proven record with Democrats and Republicans -- do my job to keep our community safe. That's what I want to do as attorney general. I'm hopeful for Mary (Burke) but if Governor Walker is re-elected I'm going to work with him too because I think for too long it's been gridlock where people dig their heels in and aren't willing to work across the aisle and it really harms the citizens of Wisconsin when you do that," Happ said.

Republican candidate Brad Schimel, the current Waukesha County District Attorney spent Monday in the western portion of the state. Schimel made campaign stops in LaCrosse, Eau Claire and Wausau.

Schimel and Happ have criticized each other from being soft on crime in this sometimes vicious campaign.

"I have 25 years as a front-line prosecutor compared to her six. I have 25. The experience isn't just time sitting in the chair. It's also measured by leadership," Schimel said.

Whoever wins will take the seat currently held by Attorney General J.B. Van Hollen, who decided not to seek re-election.

The Attorney General's Office is involved in defending lawsuits that challenge state laws, such as requiring photo ID at the polls.

Both Schimel and Happ have said one priority would be to fight heroin use in Wisconsin and fine tune the prosecution of internet sex crimes targeting children.