Attorney for man struck by officer says there's no decision on a lawsuit

MILWAUKEE -- The attorney for a man struck by a Milwaukee police officer during an arrest talked with FOX6 News about the incident that was caught on camera Thursday evening, April 12th.

The video starts out shaky as a spectator runs up to a black Lamborghini near Water St. in downtown Milwaukee Thursday evening. The video shows 39-year-old Jeffrey Strasser being arrested for drunk driving.

Bridget Boyle is Strasser's attorney, and told FOX6 News she's concerned about the two strikes the officer made to Strasser's head. "This was not a focused strike to the area of the body that should be a focused strike. It was to the head. Which certainly can cause significant damage if not death," Boyle said.

Police say Strasser was "more than twice the legal limit" and "endangering public safety." They say after Strasser "refused to exit the officer delivered focused strikes to gain compliance and control as Strasser was resisting attempts to place handcuffs on him."

FOX6's Jenna Sachs spoke with Strasser at his home on Saturday, April 14th. She observed bruising and swelling on his right cheek and cuts on his arms and hands.

Strasser did not want to go on camera, but says he was not resisting the officer -- something he also says in the video.

Boyle says Strasser admits to driving drunk while out celebrating a friend's birthday -- even though there were plans for a private car service to take him home to Waterford. The Lamborghini he was driving belonged to a friend.

Boyle says for now, she's just handling Strasser's OWI. She says there is no decision on filing any lawsuits.

Police are trained to use necessary force, like focused strikes when a suspect is resisting them. Strasser's attorney says from what she can see in the video, it does not appear Strasser was putting up a fight. However, Boyle says the video shows only one angle, and right now, she doesn't have all of the facts.

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