AT&T launches 'Believe Milwaukee' initiative to fight hunger

MILWAUKEE -- AT&T announced its "Believe Milwaukee" initiative to combat hunger in the city during a volunteer meal-packing event Nov. 19.

Scott VanderSanden

Nearly 170 AT&T employees spent the day packing 20,000 high-nutrient, dehydrated meals for individuals facing hunger in Milwaukee. Those meals will be donated to The Salvation Army's food pantries in Milwaukee.

"We all know that poverty is a real issue facing Milwaukee, and it has, obviously a significant impact on the community's health," said Scott VanderSanden, president of AT&T Wisconsin. "We all know that access to food, quality food, is kind of a baseline criteria for anybody in and around the city of Milwaukee."

In addition, AT&T announced contributions -- totaling nearly $150,000 -- to four Milwaukee non-profits working to address hunger in the city:  The Salvation Army of Milwaukee County, Friedens Community Ministries, Feeding America Eastern Wisconsin and We Got This.

"Fighting hunger in Milwaukee is one of our city's great challenges. Too many Milwaukee residents live in food deserts without access to grocery stores or fresh, health foods," said State Representative Jason Fields. "Through initiatives like AT&T's Believe Milwaukee and support from so many local nonprofits, we can help bring nutritious food to our neighbors in need."

State Rep. Jason Fields

The goal of Believe Milwaukee is to work with community leaders and use AT&T's local assets, including financial contributions and employee volunteers, to help combat hunger and improve the health of Milwaukee neighborhoods.