Asian beetles, raccoons, mice: How to keep them all outside this winter

With colder temperatures around the corner -- vermin look to find warmth. Here are some tips from an expert on how to keep animials out of your home.

The warmer temperatures — causing pests to linger in Wisconsin.

"Asian beetles especially have been a big issue this year," said PJ Winkelman, owner of Advanced Wildlife Control.

And as the weather will only get colder...

"Your home is probably a great place for them to live," he said.

Bugs and other animals will be looking for a place to live.

That's why Winkelmann reminds people to prep your homes now.

"This time of the year you want to look especially for mice you want to take a look and see are there areas that are open in the house, where can things get into my home," he said.

One of the ways you can get your home ready for winter is by taking a mirror and flashlight and checking underneath the foundation of your home for any areas that mice can get into.

Winkelmann says having mice in your home is very common.

Advanced Wildlife Control has also received several calls relating to woodpeckers.

Some ways to prevent this is by checking the roof for any areas those critters can get into.

"Is there a tree hovering over, is it a fireplace that they’re climbing up and trying to do stuff to prevent those areas or eliminating those areas onto the roof," he said.


Tips to winterize your home of bugs and critters

FOX6's Christina Van Zelst talks with PJ Winkelmann of Advanced Wildlife Control to get tips and tricks of keeping bugs, mice and small animals out of your homes this winter.