As We Energies' heating moratorium ends, "4,000 to 5,000 at immediate risk for disconnection"

MILWAUKEE -- The We Energies' winter heating moratorium is coming to an end, and We Energies officials say thousands of customers are at risk for immediate disconnection. The good news though, is that there's help available for those behind on their bill.

"We always ask our customers to just give us a call," Amy Jahns, We Energies spokeswoman said.

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Jahns said We Energies officials are available to help you make payment arrangements.

"Disconnections are always a last resort," Jahns said.

The We Energies heating moratorium period ends on April 17th. That means customers who have had a reprieve since November 1st could be disconnected if they're behind on their bill.

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"We have between 4,000 and 5,000 customers that are at immediate risk for disconnection," Jahns said.

If you've fallen behind on making your energy payments, there's help available. Jacqueline Cutler was one of many who have utilized energy assistance in the past.

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"My bills are definitely at least $100 more each month. I'm hoping I'll be able to get help," Cutler said.

"We encourage them to contact energy assistance in their area so they might get assistance to pay their energy bills," Jahns said.

The key is to reach out for help before it's too late. Jahns said We Energies officials will reach out to affected customers.

"We make numerous attempts to contact our customers so they can be notified they are in significant arrears. We do that through bill inserts and phone calls during this time," Jahns said.

It's important to be aware of scammers. You should be on the lookout for any suspicious emails or telephone calls. Something to watch for is anyone asking for money on a prepaid debit card.

Energy Assistance Program

Are YOU behind on your energy bill?

CLICK HERE for information on contacting We Energies to establish a payment plan.

CLICK HERE for information on energy assistance.