As some wait for packages, expert says "guaranteed deliveries" aren't sure thing

BAYSIDE (WITI) -- Thousands of Americans are still waiting to unwrap their Christmas gifts. Delays with both UPS and FedEx means those presents are still out there -- somewhere!

This is an issue that is impacting people throughout the country -- including folks in Milwaukee.

Meanwhile, one local shipping expert is reminding people that guaranteed delivery dates aren't always set in stone.

On the day after Christmas, at the Pack and Ship in Bayside, owner Rodney Hill was hard at work -- as the busy shipping season is showing no sign of slowing down.

"They come in and pick up multiple times a day.  They`re trying to keep up with the volume.  This year, the volume was big," Hill said.

Nationally, FedEx expected to handle 275 million shipments, while UPS projected 132 million deliveries.

"I`ve seen some packages get delivered on Christmas Day.  The guys, they`re out there busting their hump. They`re trying to get it done," Hill said.

UPS decided to take Christmas Day off -- despite the backlog, and some deliveries haven't been fulfilled.

A FOX6 viewer, still waiting for his Christmas gifts to arrive, posted on FOX6's Facebook page the following message: "If I shipped a package three weeks ago, I'd expect it to get to its destination in three weeks. They're in the shipping business. This is what they do."

For their part, UPS issued this apology: "We had additional sorting operations at Worldport, the UPS international air hub in Louisville, KY on Christmas and are making deliveries and pickups."

Strong winter storms and a shorter holiday shopping season likely contributed to the backlog.

FedEx is standing behind its 300,000 workers -- reporting no major delays.

"It`s quadrupling in some cases.  People are shipping now who don`t ship at all this time of year.  The impact is enormous," Hill said.

Hill says he was taking Express Mail orders until December 22nd, but says "guaranteed deliveries" aren't always a sure thing -- especially for those who wait until the last minute.

"Every year at this time, FedEx, UPS and even the Postal Service - they all send out stipulations letting people know, because of the increased volume, that the guarantee is off," Hill said.

Many online purchases were made through Amazon says all of its orders were processed on time for holiday deliveries, and they're reviewing the performance of some of those delivery carriers.