As Packers were declaring victory over the Bears, DNR wardens were helping to free two bear cubs!

POLK COUNTY (WITI) -- While the Green Bay Packers were taking care of the Chicago Bears Sunday, September 28th at Soldier Field, two Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources wardens on patrol pulled off a real safety for two bear cubs that rushed a Polk County tree and failed to convert.

This was a long play that started Saturday, September 27th with an offsides call from a Polk County woman who heard some strange animal noises. She followed the noise and found a nose; well, make that a snout sticking out of a crack in a tree trunk. Whatever it was, it clearly had some things to say about the current housing arrangement.

She decided the best option at that time was to leave the animal alone to take care of its business. But, she wasn't about to forget it either. And this is when DNR Conservation Wardens Phil Dorn of Barron County and Jesse Ashton of Polk County were about to get involved.

This wasn’t the scouting report the wardens expected. This wasn't just one snout spouting off inside this tree near Milltown. “There were two cubs in one tree!”