As Mary Burke hosts President Obama, Governor Walker, Republicans busy on the campaign trail

GLENDALE (WITI) -- President Barack Obama was in Milwaukee on Tuesday, October 28th -- stumping for Democratic candidate for governor Mary Burke -- and at the same time, Governor Scott Walker and his Republican supporters had an equally busy day. Governor Walker and Lieutenant Governor Rebecca Kleefish made separate campaign stops to cover more ground with just one week to go until Election Day. For the Republicans, there weren't any big names on the campaign trail, but Governor Walker got a big hand from local volunteers.

In the extremely close race, with just days to go until voters head to the polls, every seat was filled at the North Shore Republicans headquarters on Tuesday.

Patty Reiman was on hand all day -- calling voters, trying to drum up support for Governor Walker.

"I've been in here since eleven o'clock this morning and the ground game is making sure we get our voters out," Reiman said.

As Reiman and other volunteers in the Milwaukee area and across the state made calls, the candidates were busy making campaign stops.

Wisconsin's first lady Tonette Walker and Lieutenant Governor Rebecca Kleefish made six stops Tuesday as part of a "Women in Business" bus tour. Germantown's Tool Craft was their last stop for the day.

"We want to make sure we are convincing people and helping people make the connection between the state heading in the right direction and the good policies that are heading it there," Kleefish told the crowd.

Governor Scott Walker was making his own rounds on Tuesday -- and his scheduled included a stop in Hortonville, where he again used Mary Burke's recent guest list as a way to offer political push-back.

"I think it's a clear contrast. My opponent is one of the Washington-based special interests. I am the candidate of the Wisconsin taxpayer," Governor Walker said.

The Walker campaign will continue to crisscross the state with that message, while Patty Reiman and others work to get the message out over the phone, and get voters to the polls next Tuesday.

"I hope he can count on your support," Reiman said on the phone Tuesday.

Voters head to the polls in the November General Election next Tuesday, November 4th.