Army veteran released from hospital after battling COVID-19 for 60+ days

MILWAUKEE -- After spending 62 days in the hospital, U.S. Army Veteran Joe Williams has recovered from COVID-19 and is headed home.

FOX6 News was there as he was released from the hospital on Friday, May 22. Hospital staff and a large group of family and friends cheered him on. The Milwaukee resident said he has no idea where he contracted the virus and that his symptoms left him gasping for air and unable to walk or talk.

"I was just short of breath, and I thought it was my COPD. I didn't know it was COVID-19," Williams said. "If I'd waited one more day, I would have been dead, so you better listen to these peoples."

He thanks everyone at the VA for helping him get through this, and told FOX6 that he can't wait to get home and spend time outside.