Arizona woman says her father's death from COVID-19 falls governor, President Trump

PHOENIX -- Losing a loved one is painful, and the pain is even worse when COVID-19 is factored in.

COVID-19 means many can’t properly mourn, creating a perfect storm of tragedy and grief. Now, one Arizona family in grief is placing some of the blame at the feet of Governor Doug Ducey.

Woman remembers late father

Kristin Urquiza said her father, Mark Urquiza, was a loving father and family man. Full of life and a friend to all

"He was the type of individual who would drive across town to help a friend of a friend move a piece of furniture in 115°F heat," said Kristin. "My dad had a lot of care for the people in his life, and a month ago, he was perfectly healthy."

In late June, Mark died due to COVID-19, after battling the virus for three weeks. Mark has been laid to rest, and his family held a socially-distanced funeral.

Kristin started "Marked by Covid," a group dedicated to remember those taken by the virus.

"The idea behind it is an opportunity to create a platform for other victims and those suffering from Coronavirus to find community," said Kristin.

Family calls out Gov. Ducey in scathing obituary

Kristin says her father’s death falls on two people.

“Governor Doug Ducey and Donald Trump," said Kristin. "They have been pushing mixed message."

Gov. Ducey was called out in a scathing obituary that outlined the family's pain. Kristin also sent a letter to the governor, inviting him to attend the funeral while also slamming his overall response to the virus in the state.

"The reason why I reached out and invited him to my dad’s funeral was to help show him the devastation of his decisions and his leadership," said Kristin.

Governor's Office issues statement on Urquiza's death

Gov. Ducey' s office has released a statement on Urquiza's death:

"Our hearts go out to the family and loved ones of Mark Anthony Urquiza. We know nothing can fully alleviate the pain associated with his loss, and every loss from this virus is tragic."