Arizona woman runs over husband for not voting on Election Day

MESA, Arizona (CNN) -- Police say an Arizona woman furious about President Barack Obama's re-election, took it out on her husband...and put him in the hospital. It all began over an argument about what the man didn't do on Election Day. 

A frantic witness called 911 after police say Holly Solomon used her car to run over her husband after she got mad at him for not voting. 

Caller: "This woman just ran down her boyfriend or husband in the parking lot here in Gilbert. We saw it. He needs help. He got out of the car and she was screaming at him, and he started walking away and she started driving in circles around him and she wouldn't let him go. So finally, he took off to try and get away and she ran into him."

According to a police report, the husband told police his wife "just hates Obama and she found out he won." 

The woman reportedly also discovered her husband did not vote in the presidential election, which is what set her off because she blamed President Obama for problems her family was going through.

"I just think it's completely silly that a marriage can get broken up by something political. Families should be able to stay stronger than what's going on in the government right now," neighbor Ted Sowards said.

Solomon faces assault with a deadly weapon charges, as her husband recovers in the hospital from serious internal injuries.

"Hitting your husband with a car, your spouse with a over reaction over not voting," Sowards said.

Police said there were no indications that the wife was impaired by alcohol or drugs during the incident.