Archbishop Timothy Dolan named a Cardinal

MILWAUKEE -- Timothy Dolan, a former Milwaukee Archbishop, is among the new 22 Cardinals named by Pope Benedict.  Dolan was the Archbishop in Milwaukee from 2002-2009, now Dolan is the Archbishop of New York.

Dolan is one of the most prominant ones on the list, others are from Brazil, Spain, Canada, Protugal, Germany, Czech Republic, China, Romania, Belguim, India, Malta, Romania, and the Netherlands.

Eighteen of the new Cardinals are under the age of 80, this means they will be eligible to enter a secret conclave. The Red-Hatted "Princes of the Church" are the Pope's closets aids, and will one day choose his successor.
In a statement Milwaukee Archbishop Jerome Listecki wrote:
"I am so happy and pleased that Pope Benedict XVI has named Archbishop Dolan to the College of Cardinals.  This appointment is a recognition of his leadership in the Archdiocese of New York, as well as his role as president of the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops.

As Archbishop of Milwaukee, I share a sense of pride with the priests, religious, deacons and laity of our archdiocese knowing that the former leader of our Catholic community has been appointed as a Cardinal of the Church.

As his friend, I am overjoyed that a fellow bishop, who loves Christ and his Church, should receive this honor."

An installation ceremony will be held February 18 for Pope Benedict to elevate them.