Applebee's makes chicken wing-flavored lip glosses to 'spice up your next date night'

Applebee’s collaborated with Winky Lux to make Saucy Gloss, available in four different lip glosses for $18 each. (Photo: Business Wire)

Applebee’s wants to put the "mmm" in makeup with a new collection of chicken wing sauce-inspired lip glosses.

The restaurant chain on Sunday debuted its new Saucy Gloss line, a collection of four lip glosses "inspired by Applebee’s wing sauces." It teamed up with the beauty brand Winky Lux to launch the new products in an effort to spice up customers’ date nights and make their "kisses more craveable."

The Saucy Gloss collection represents a variety of Applebee’s wings on the menu:

  • Get Me Hot Buffalo: Creamy coral that packs the hot buffalo spice your ex could never have handled.
  • Sweet Chile Kiss: Deep rich red kissed with a hint of fine golden chile specks that put the "mmm" in make out.
  • Be My Honey Pepper: A gorgeous golden honey-spiced gloss with shimmering flecks that'll make you the queen bee of date night.
  • Honey BBQ-T: A shiny, smoky barbecue hue with a side of honey sweetness to make your kisses downright craveable.

The new lip glosses are available at for $18 each or $65 for all four. 

And because no restaurant chain’s lip gloss line could officially launch without a full-on music video to accompany it, Applebee’s has done that, too. 

"Taste My Face," described by Applebee’s as the "makeout song of the summer," dropped with the collection. 

"These lips are out of lockdown and inbound, so pucker up," a woman sings to a catchy dance beat. "I hope you like it spicy ‘cause I’m hot-sauced, glossed up."

Unusual collaborations like this are nothing new, and brands are increasingly thinking out-of-the-box as a form of marketing. 

Fancy Feast, the popular brand of gourmet wet cat food, opened a new Italian restaurant in New York City called "Gatto Bianco by Fancy Feast" to bring medley recipes inspired by its cat food to humans.

Earlier this summer, Velveeta debuted a line of nail police that smells like actual cheese, KFC sold Mother’s Day bouquets full of fried chicken, and Taco Bell made a whole TikTok musical with Dolly Parton about its beloved Mexican Pizza that briefly returned to menus nationwide.

The Girl Scouts also debuted a cookie-inspired makeup line of eyeshadow palettes and lipsticks.

This story was reported from Cincinnati.