Appeals court judge rules on dispute over cat

MADISON (AP) -- A Wisconsin couple's bitter cat fight over their beloved feline pet is over. At least for now.

The Fourth District Court of Appeals upheld a Dodge County circuit judge ruling Thursday that Dexter the cat belongs to Roger Kueffer and not his ex-girlfriend, Julee Lawler.

The appeals court says Lawler has wanted Dexter back since the couple broke up in August 2008. Kueffer kept the cat while the couple bickered for years. Kueffer then told Lawler that Dexter had died. She later found out that was not true.

Lawler filed a lawsuit in small claims court. The lower court ruled Dexter the cat belonged to Kueffer and the appeals court upheld that decision.

Lawler's attorney did not immediately return a message. Kueffer did not have an attorney listed.