"Anybody can help the community:" Meet 2 young men on a mission to clean up the city

MILWAUKEE -- They are two men on a mission. Darian DeJesus Munoz and his cousin Ravone Black are transforming the streets of Milwaukee. They spend every Monday at a different intersection -- cleaning up garbage.

Darian DeJesus Munoz

"Chips, soda bottles, cigar wrappers. Out here you find cups, bags, paper, you find everything," said DeJesus Munoz. "I'm over here on Atkinson and we're just going to follow 8th Street down."

Black said picking up all the litter sends an important message.

"Appearances is everything. If it looks better, people will treat it better, and outsiders look at it better," Black said.

Black knows firsthand how easy it can be to take the wrong path.

Ravone Black

"I was once a felon and I just wanted to show how people can change, like, you know, I made a mistake and took responsibility and now I'm giving back to my community," Black said.

With each full bag and clean section of road, Black said he hopes his small steps are making a big difference.

"I think it's special because it shows that anybody can help the community," Black said.

They're inspiring others to give back.

"I see success. I feel successful, now that it's finished. It's almost finished. Looking back from the beginning to the end, it just puts the biggest smile on my face," DeJesus Munoz said.

DeJesus Munoz said his original motivation to start cleaning up trash was Earth Day. He said anyone is welcome to join him and his cousin. They plan on doing this for years to come.