'Anybody can do it:' Climbers ascended Saint John's on the Lake to practice for 'Fight for Air' event

MILWAUKEE -- Stairclimber Sheryl Leonard-Schneck knows all too well that every step counts. A stairclimber for years, she was one of several people training Saturday, Feb. 1 at Saint John's on the Lake for the annual Fight for Air Climb in March.

"It's a threshold workout, so go hard and hang on," said Leonard-Schneck.

She and other climbers prepared to ascend Milwaukee's U.S. Bank building's 94 flights on Sunday, March 7.

Sheryl Leonard-Schneck


"There are new faces that are here to see, can they make it, and get that confidence boost," said Chuck Roberts, a retired fire lieutenant.

The Fight for Air Climb raises funds for the American Lung Association as a step toward healthy lungs and clean air.

"Anybody can do it," said Roberts. "We have all ages."

Roberts said healthy lung awareness is important among firefighters, so he and many others prepared to climb in full gear.

"There's a high rate of cancer among firefighters -- lung and others, and this is just a way to remind each other that we have to be aware of it," Roberts said.

Another practice climb was scheduled for Tuesday, Feb. 18. If you want to register, CLICK HERE.