Anxious Mega Millions players snatch up tickets as jackpot climbs

MILWAUKEE (WITI) -- The Mega Millions jackpot amount just keeps going up! Strong sales boosted the Mega Millions jackpot to an estimated $636 million from the previous estimate of $586 million, lottery officials announced late Tuesday morning, December 17th -- ahead of Tuesday night's drawing.

Kwik Trip in Brown Deer was busy Tuesday with folks buying up Mega Millions tickets and hoping for that big jackpot!

Tuesday's Mega Millions sales may prove that the human race tends toward optimism.

The odds are nearly one in 259 million -- but secretly, all of us believe we could be that "one."

"I'm going to be watching very closely right in front of the TV like a football game. I'll be watching live!" one person who picked up Mega Millions tickets on Tuesday told FOX6 News.

The near record jackpot had folks flocking to the nearest lotto retailer for a chance to change their lifestyles.

"We've been seeing an increased amount of traffic, even though the weather's been bad and cold -- people are trying to win and become a multi-millionaire," a clerk told FOX6 News on Tuesday.

That is spurring trickle down traffic to the state's other lottery games.

"We've got a few holiday tickets left for stocking stuffing, and we'll probably see those sell out as well," a clerk said.

Even if you're sitting out this round, chances are you've still fantasized about how you would spend all that money!

"The one thing I know that I would do though is buy a property in like Paris or London, you know what I mean? Buy a nice getaway spot -- but debt is the number one thing though. I got to pay off that debt. After that, everything else is luxury," a Mega Millions player told FOX6 News.

On Tuesday night, someone, somewhere may get some very good news. But if that doesn't happen, the jackpot is expected to bump up to the billion dollar mark within the next week.

Mike Edmonds, the state's lottery director, says 1,100 tickets per minute were sold during Tuesday's lunch hour alone!