Antique jewelry removed from vault, now up for sale

MILWAUKEE -- Hundreds of pieces of antique jewelry that had been locked away for decades are now on display, and are up for sale in Milwaukee at Paul's Jewelers.

Vivian Anton-Limberatos' father, Paul, started his jewelry store back in the 1960s in Milwaukee. He was passionate about collecting antique and vintage jewelery. Vivian says her father always wanted to open a store in Florida, but he passed away before he got the chance.

The vintage jewelry Paul collected had been kept in a vault for decades. In fact, Vivian says the pieces hadn't seen the light of day in more than 20 years, but she felt it was time to bring them out of the vault. "I think this is what he wanted, but the reason we have them out today is because they've made such an influence and impact on the fashion world," Vivian said.

The items come from a different era - spanning from the Georgian period and the Victorian period, to the Art Nouveau and Art Deco period. One piece featured in the store is a locket from the Victorian age that women used to wear, even though it has a very heavy and elaborate chain. Another piece featured is a beautiful broach from the Art Nouveau period that is elaborately enameled.

Vivian says it brings her great joy to know she's carrying on her father's legacy - something he would've wanted.

Paul's Jewelers is on W. National Avenue and has been part of the community since 1967.