Another Sunday, another protest for group calling for Chief Flynn's removal

MILWAUKEE -- Another Sunday meant another protest for a group calling for Milwaukee Police Chief Ed Flynn's job. Last Sunday, four protesters were arrested. The group has said they plan weekly demonstrations until Chief Flynn steps down.

The group is calling for Chief Flynn's job due to his handling of the in-custody deaths of Derek Williams and James Perry.

During demonstrations on Sunday, November 11th, four protesters were arrested for disorderly conduct after the group marched in the street, blocking traffic downtown. 

The group "Occupy the Hood" stages the protests. 

Earlier this week, group leader Khalil Coleman stood by the group's disruptive demonstration.

"Us doing these rallies is not hindering anybody's daily routine. We're only out here every Sunday, and there's numerous blocks for other people to turn down," Coleman said.

In a statement, Milwaukee police defended their arrests, saying an intoxicated man stood in the roadway, shouting obscenities at police. When he was arrested, other protesters gathered around, also blocking the road.

This Sunday, police told protesters there would be more arrests if they blocked streets again.

"Today we will obey the law, but we want the law to understand this is just the beginning, and we will not be silent in the face of injustice," Coleman said.

The group formed its familiar unity circle on a sidewalk.

Relatives of Williams and Perry thanked the group for their support. Organizers repeated that they will remain lawful but loud.

"Today we will make more noise on the sidewalk than we ever have in the street," Coleman said.

There is no word on whether any arrests were made during Sunday's demonstrations.

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