Announcement of Trump rally in Janesville creates both interest and concern after Chicago rally cancelled

JANESVILLE -- A planned visit to Chicago by Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump was anything but peaceful on March 11th. In fact, the rally had to be cancelled due to clashes between protestors and Trump supporters turned violent. Now, Trump has planned a rally in Janesville ahead of the April 5th primary election in Wisconsin.

Donald Trump

Donald Trump will host a rally at the Janesville Conference Center at the Holiday Inn Express in Janesville on Tuesday, March 29th.

The announcement has created both interest and concern.

Janesville Police Chief David Moore

"Our desire is to provide an element of free speech and to do so in a safe way," Janesville Police Chief David Moore said.

Chief Moore said hosting national political candidates isn't something that's new to Janesville.

After all, Janesville is the hometown of former vice presidential candidate and current House Speaker Paul Ryan.

But still -- the Trump rally could pose challenges for police.

Clashing protesters led to cancellation of Trump rally in Chicago

"This is beyond what our staff can handle. We have 102 officers. It's going to take more than that to handle this event, so we're reaching out to other Rock County agencies," Chief Moore said.

Voces de La Frontera

Those with Voces de La Frontera in Milwaukee have begun making plans to advocate for immigrant rights at the rally.

Primitivo Torres with Voces de la Frontera

"We expect to have a presence there. We are working as of now with local groups and members that we have there to make sure we do have a local presence. Unfortunately this negative rhetoric, this hateful rhetoric is really inciting a lot of people to come out to this event, but the people who are going to be there with usn they're going to be there in a peaceful manner," Primitivo Torres with Voces de la Frontera said.

The Janesville Conference Center holds 1,000 people.

Chief Moore said he expects the venue will be full.

Janesville Convention Center