Andrew Garcia (10-19-12) -- CAPTURED

RACINE COUNTY -- U.S. Marshals have captured 49-year-old Andrew Garcia. Garcia was taken into custody in Racine County.

Garcia was accused of road rage back in 2001 and attempted murder in 2002. Court documents described both acts as being fueled by a jealous rage over an ex-girlfriend who moved on.

Investigators say in August of 2001 Garcia was behind the wheel of a car, chasing another driven by his now ex-girlfriend. Court documents say Garcia tried to force her off the road, and yelled "pull over" -- threatening to smash her car.

"He was going at a high rate of speed. He could have killed her. He could have killed himself. He could have killed an innocent victim that happened to be driving down the road that day," Michelle Harings with the U.S. Marshals Fugitive Task Force said.

Harings says Garcia's crimes began when his relationship ended.

"There was jealousy and rage and substance abuse issues all rolled into one," Harings said.

Harings says hours before breaking the law on the road, Garcia broke into his ex-girlfriend's apartment and "pretty much ransacked it."

Eventually, police caught up with Garcia and he was charged for the crimes. However, while he was out on bond, he made his way back into the victim's good graces.

Then, in January of 2002, officials say rage and violence surfaced in the victims' apartment. A criminal complaint indicates Garcia snapped, telling the victim he was going to kill her, before allegedly squeezing her throat until she blacked out.

"That's very violent and very aggressive. It's to the point where you have no consideration for the person you're tormenting," Harings said.

Officials say Garcia spent eight years in prison for the assault -- eventually making his way to a halfway house. However, officials say in September, Garcia hit the road and violated his parole.