An 87-year-old 'frozen' tradition: Free cones at Mullen's Dairy Bar when it's -20 or below

WATERTOWN -- It's a winter tradition at Mullen's Dairy Bar, since 1932! When the temperature drops to -20 degrees or colder, single dip ice cream cones are free!

According to a news release from officials at Mullen's Dairy Bar, located on W. Main Street near S. Washington Street in Watertown, guests on Saturday, Jan. 26 were able to come in out of the cold for a free frozen treat. It's a tradition started by Frank Mullen and his sons soon after they opened Mullen's Dairy Bar in 1932.

“We are excited about today. This is the first time we’ve seen this temperature since my brothers and I took over operations in 2016, so I’m not sure when the last time Watertown saw ‐20 degrees. Rumor has it that the Mullen’s brothers would make customers eat their free ice cream cones outside. We don’t plan on continuing that part of the tradition. We expect today will be insane. What better way for families to celebrate the cold weather than with a scoop of ice cream!" said Adam Keepman, managing partner and chef at Mullen's Dairy Bar.

Below is more information about Mullen's Dairy Bar:

"Mullen’s Dairy Bar is the last surviving dairy in Watertown, Wisconsin -- a city that once boasted 14 dairies operating within its boundaries. Known for their homemade premium ice cream (12 percent butterfat) made onsite at their Watertown facility, Mullen’s Dairy Bar ice cream is now available at select scoop shops and retailers throughout southeastern Wisconsin area.
Mullen’s Dairy Bar is located at 212 W. Main Street in Watertown, WI and is open from 11 a.m. to 9 p.m."