"American Idol" coming back? TMZ reports bidding war between FOX and NBC

Is "American Idol" coming back? According to TMZ, NBC and FOX are going "full bore" against each other to bring the show back.

TMZ reports both networks have submitted bids to FreemantleMedia, which owns the show, and a decision could come as early as this week.

TMZ says multiple sources report NBC wants the show in part to resolve a problem with "The Voice," -- and that they don't want to oversaturate the market with the show, which airs twice a year.

If NBC gets "American Idol," it would rotate it with The Voice, and each would air once a year.

TMZ reports Ryan Seacrest is the favored host and FOX would look to bring him back.

The target date for bringing 'Idol' back is either Summer 2018 or mid-season 2019, TMZ sources say.