Amber Alert: Father of 1-week-old boy missing in Florida dead; 'no sign' of child

MIAMI, Fla. — An Amber Alert was issued for a newborn boy missing after three women were found dead in Miami on Tuesday, Jan. 28.

A family member conducting a welfare check found the women shot to death, CBS Miami reported.

The baby, who is related to at least one of the women, was missing. Police believed Andrew, who is 1 week old, was with his father, Ernesto Caballeiro, 49.

Officials with the Pasco Sheriff's Office said Wednesday afternoon the vehicle that was the subject of this investigation was located in a rural area of Blanton near the I-75 Wednesday morning, and Ernesto Caballeiro was found dead.

There was no sign of the child, officials said.

Earlier, police released a description of the suspect vehicle -- a white 2001 Chevrolet Express with Florida tag number HETY13 with a decal that said, “Nesty School Services” on it, and it is a passenger van. On the back left door, there is another decal that said, “Caution: Transporting Children.”

Anyone with information was asked to call Miami police at 305-471-2400.

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