"Amazing:" 7-year-old girl on quest to hug police officers in all 50 states

SPRINGFIELD, Missouri --  A seven-year-old girl wants to show her appreciation to police officers across the country. Rosalyn Baldwin and her hugs were in Springfield, Missouri on Monday, June 5th amid her quest to hug officers in all 50 states.

A group of officers greeted Baldwin and her family in Springfield with smiles, and showed them some of the station's coolest police equipment.

Fire officials even made a surprise stop, and gave Baldwin and her little brother an exclusive tour of the truck.

However, what she showed the firefighters and officers meant even more. With enthusiasm and genuine gratitude, she shared with them her love and appreciation.

"We see a lot of bad things throughout the day and hearing the nice things, the appreciation that we get when we are out in public, it's awesome. But to have someone come from another state just to give us a hug...amazing," Sergeant Kurt Ringgold said.

You can follow Rosalyn's journey on her Facebook page.