'Always plan for the worst:' SE Wisconsin preparing for weekend winter storm

MILWAUKEE -- FOX6 Weather Experts are predicting what could be the first significant ice and snow system to affect roads across southeastern Wisconsin in a while. Snow removal crews are already preparing.

Right now, workers are keeping an eye on the forecast and giving it another day before setting more solid plans for how many trucks they'll need on the roads this weekend.

After a mild couple of months, some Wisconsinites are still not ready for snow. On the other hand, many plow and salt truck drivers can't wait for the work.

Brad Davis

"This is what they do, this is what they take pride in," says Brad Davis, owner of Davis Seasonal Maintenance. "They're ready to go for sure. I think we're all excited."

Davis says his business plows and salts for clients from Racine to West Bend.

"You always plan for the worst," he says. "What we do is we invest highly in big equipment and a lot of training and a lot of salt and brine and calcium chloride."

There's a lot of coordination that goes into staying prepared and keeping employees working.

"It can be a struggle," says Davis. "We can have a pretty fast season and keep everyone really busy, or it slows down like now and that's what we have to plan for in cases like this. To makes sure we have work for them and make sure they're getting paid."

He'll have a sharp eye on the forecast through Friday -- when snow and freezing rain could be making a comeback.

"I love watching the news, probably three to four times a day to keep me informed," Davis says.

Southeastern Wisconsin has already seen a lot of rain Thursday. FOX6 Weather Experts predict the wintery mix of freezing rain is expected Friday night.