Alleged drunk driver kills mother, injures her son, at 14th & Greenfield

A tragic accident has taken the life of a mother, and injured her child, after they were hit by a speeding truck Sunday night.

Police investigating the incident arrested a 41-year-old man with a history of drunk driving.

It happened on the south side of Milwaukee Sunday night.

Frances Pizzaro was walking home with her son, when less than two blocks from home, a speeding driver ran them over.

Surveillance video captures the final few moments of Pizzaro's life. As Pizzaro and her son crossed Greenfield Avenue North at 14th Street, a vehicle going between 80 and 90 miles-per-hour crossed onto the wrong side of the road, and hit them both, without ever stopping.

"The car was coming by so fast, and the police were after them, and they hit them, and they flew, and they just landed right there," Trenesia Frazier, who witnessed the accident, said.

Frazier and her sister don't know the victims, but felt compelled to build a small memorial in their honor.

"I just want to go out and say to the family 'I am so sorry.' I don't know her, and I didn't know her, but she didn't deserve to die," Ranesha Frazier said.

Police say they spotted the suspect at 18th and Greenfield Sunday night, just after 9:00, driving far too fast, and all over the road. Lights and sirens blazing, they began their pursuit, which ended about a quarter mile behind the driver, but the driver didn't stop after hitting the pedestrians.

The suspect continued to the road's end at East 6th Street, where he got out of his car and jumped into the harbor.

The man was driving on a revoked license, after three arrests for drunk driving.

Police have not confirmed whether the suspect was drunk at the time of Sunday night's incident, but they are investigating.

Pizzaro's son's name, and his condition, have not yet been released.

Police have also not yet identified the suspect in this case. They are awaiting a decision by the district attorney on any charges.