All the way from Switzerland: Milwaukee County Zoo welcomes new snow leopard, Orya

MILWAUKEE -- The Milwaukee County Zoo has a new guest -- a female snow leopard named Orya from Zoo Zurich in Switzerland. Orya made her debut at the zoo on Tuesday, February 14th.

Orya is the second of two snow leopards that were gifted to the zoo by the Greater Milwaukee Foundation. They one Gifts to the Community announced in July 2016.


At Zoo Zurich, Orya was very close with her twin sister, Okara. Keepers report that of the two siblings, Orya was a bit braver and more curious – often exploring new enrichment items and foods before Okara would investigate them. Orya was quite trusting toward keepers at Zoo Zurich, but became rather shy once Okara was transferred to a zoo in Poland.

Back in December, Asa was the first of the two snow leopards to arrive at the zoo. He was from Syracuse, New York. Zookeepers say he is just over a year old and is a social little guy who has adapted to his new home quickly.

Zoo officials hope Asa will eventually breed with Orya.


Learn more about the Snow Leopard Trust by CLICKING HERE.