All in the name of love: Man spends 18 months panning for gold in Scotland to create unique engagement ring

It's an adorable story of a man willing to go above and beyond for the woman he loves.

The Daily Mail reports a groom spent 18 months panning for gold in the mountains of Scotland in order to craft a unique engagement ring for his sweetheart.

The Daily Mail says John Greenwood used a simple gold pan, trowel, shovel and rake to collect nuggets -- collecting over 100 grams of the rare Scottish gold, which is 22 carat purity.

But John Greenwood didn't stop with the engagement ring! He mined further gold to create matching, unique wedding rings for he and his bride, Morag.

And he did it all in the name of love!

John and Morag Greenwood were eventually married in the Caribbean, according to the Daily Mail.

"I put a lot of effort into it, but it was worth it," John Greenwood told the Daily Mail.

"I was driven by it. They talk about gold fever. I was panning for gold in my dreams. Some days I’d be camping next to the river and I’d start as soon as the sun was up, and carry on for 14 or 15 hours. Everybody says I must have beginner’s luck to find so much but I was out there every weekend and in the evenings in freezing cold water. I reckon I spent about 20 full days getting enough for the engagement ring," Greenwood told the Daily Mail.

The Daily Mail says Greenwood surprised his bride with the engagement ring on Christmas Day.

"I feel very proud of John, and very lucky," Greenwood's bride told the Daily Mail.

The Daily Mail reports the rings have been engraged "Scottish Gold" -- which will greatly increase their value. The Daily Mail says gold from Scoltand is relatively rare, and not available commercially.

CLICK HERE for photos of the ring, and photos from John and Morag's wedding ceremony via the Daily Mail.