Alexander Jackson (5-4-2012) - CAPTURED

MILWAUKEE -- U.S. Marshals were searching for 35-year-old Alexander Jackson. He's accused of violating the terms of his parole following a 2004 sexual assault conviction.

In 2003, law enforcement officials say Jackson committed sexual assault of a child while living in his Milwaukee home near 24th Place and Garfield. Officials say Jackson was 26, and the victim was 13.

"They were living in the same building complex. He decided to enter the apartment uninvited. He did force himself upon her," Deputy U.S. Marshal Clint Blauser said.

Jackson was convicted of sexual assault and served prison time.

Back in April, during a discussion regarding what Jackson could not do as terms of his release, officials say there was a disagreement.

"It was a disagreement as far as drug usage. He just pretty much jetted out of the office. It's been pretty much a month-and-a-half since his parole officer has spoken with him," Blauser said.

Jackson is described as 6'1'', weighing about 220 lbs.

He has a tattoo on his upper right arm that reads "Aquarius," and one on his upper left arm reading "Reesys.”