Alderman proposes stopping Milwaukee's water fluoridation program

MILWAUKEE -- Milwaukee Alderman Jim Bohl is proposing legislation to stop the city's fluoridation program.

Bohl's proposal is based on new research which shows fluoride delivers health risks without benefit of less tooth decay. Bohl said in a statement released Tuesday morning, May 22nd, this "water fluoridation obsolete, unhealthy and a waste of money, and that is why I introduced legislation calling for the end of Milwaukee's water fluoridation program."

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The CDC has been a supporter of water fluoridation. On its website, it says, "Water fluoridation prevents tooth decay mainly by providing teeth with frequent contact with low levels of fluoride throughout each day and throughout life. Even today, with other available sources of fluoride, studies show that water fluoridation reduces tooth decay by about 25 percent over a person’s lifetime."

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