Airbag module from vehicle found duct-taped to railroad sign in Kenosha County

KENOSHA -- Kenosha County deputies on Monday night, October 10th were called out to the area of 72nd and County Highway A in the Village of Somers for a suspicious device attached to a sign along the roadway.

When officials arrived on scene, they located an electronic device attached with duct tape to a “railroad crossing ahead” warning sign. The Kenosha County Bomb Squad was activated as it was not initially known what the device was, or why it was attached to the sign.

The Bomb Squad personnel arrived and used the bomb disposal robot to examine the device. The Bomb Squad determined that the device was an airbag module from a motor vehicle.

The device was disrupted by the bomb squad and it was rendered safe. The roadway was closed while the Bomb Squad conducted their investigation and resolved the situation.

Kenosha County Sheriff's officials say an airbag inflates using a chemical reaction that releases nitrogen gas, essentially an explosion.  Officials warn that airbag modules are not toys and should not be handled by untrained people. Playing with these modules or trying to get them to activate is unwise and the potential for death or bodily harm if the device inflates is very high.

The investigation into this incident is ongoing. Anyone with information on who may have placed the module on the sign is asked to call the Kenosha Sheriff’s Department at 262-605-5100 or Kenosha Crime Stoppers at 262-656-7333.