After mix-up, MPS mom is happy her 6-year-old is back in class

The mother of a Milwaukee Public Schools student is happy to report her son returned to in-person learning on Friday, April 16. She said it is all thanks to a FOX6 News story from Wednesday.

"I got a call from the principal apologizing as to how he handled the whole situation and then he allowed my son to return to school," said Valerie Sherman, whose son LaShawn Parks, a first-grader, is back in the classroom. 

Valerie Sherman

Valerie Sherman

It was a different story earlier in the week after Sherman said the Milwaukee French Immersion School turned her 6-year-old away. Sherman said she filled out the Milwaukee Public Schools survey to have her son return to in-person learning, but somehow he ended up on the virtual learning list. 

"I was happy but then I was sad that it actually took me to have to call you guys, you know, and having to do all that," Sherman said. 

FOX6 News learned Sherman is not the only parent who opted for in-person learning but was then told their child would continue virtual learning. On Thursday night, the teachers' union met with the MPS board.

The superintendent said the district is aware of at least 837 families who want in-person learning but for some reason did not end up on the list. 

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"Our heart goes out and we are going to do everything we can to meet their academic needs in what they want and how we can provide that for them," said Superintendent Keith Posley.

As for Sherman, she said she is happy things have returned to normal. 

"He was very excited, very happy, very excited," Sherman said.


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