After donating Wii, boy plays video games with Wausau police, and gets his OWN Xbox 360!

WAUSAU -- A little boy with a big heart had a blast playing some Wii games with the men in blue in Wausau on Monday, March 27th. This, after the seven-year-old boy donated his Wii, his "most prized possession" to the police department after the loss of one of their own. Police even gave Brady Duke his very own Xbox 360!

On Monday, the Wii was set up at the department, and officers were encouraged to take a break and de-stress with some video games, and they did -- after inviting Brady Duke to join them.

"I knew I had to do something, because their police brother died," Brady Duke said of his decision do donate his Wii.

Duke wrote a letter to the Wausau Police Department before handing over his Nintendo Wii to officers he knew needed it most.

"My Wii was my favorite thing to do -- especially Mario Kart and Lego Star Wars Wii," Duke said.

"The Lego Star Wars -- already some of our officers have been playing this game.We're encouraging our officers to come in and take a break and play some video games and kind of de-stress a little bit,," Deputy Chief Ben Bliven with the Wausau Police Department said.

Detective Jason Weiland was one of four people killed during a string of shootings near Wausau Wednesday, March 22nd. Weiland, an 15-year veteran with the Everest Metro Police Department was killed while responding to a shooting at an apartment building in Weston.

"I felt sad because I didn't want somebody to die that was, was somebody that protected a city," Duke said.

Deputy Chief Bliven said the boy's compassion means a lot.

"Brady made a special impact here. We are really grateful for him," Deputy Chief Bliven said.

"They had a police brother that died, and I just wanted to make them happy," Duke said.