After closed-door meeting, FPC needs more time to complete chief's 6-month job review

MILWAUKEE -- The Milwaukee Fire and Police Commission met behind closed doors Tuesday night, June 30 to review community and MPD input regarding Milwaukee Police Chief Alfonso Morales -- part of the process for the chief's six-month job review.

With the session closed to the public, it's unclear what commissioners discussed, but the FPC's executive director said afterwards that, based on information reviewed during this meeting, commissioners will need more time to complete the chief's review.

The FPC quickly went into executive session Tuesday -- with just a handful of members and staff behind closed doors -- to discuss Chief Morales' six-month performance reviews since he was appointed chief in December.

"What happens next is we will be going through a series of motions and reports, internally, driven by my office and then advising the commission," said Griselda Aldrete, FPC executive director.

Griselda Aldrete

Following the meeting, Aldrete said there was a lot of good information provided by the public -- not just regarding the chief -- but the department as a whole.

"I think there's a lot of frustration," said Aldrete. "I think we all need to continue to work together, how we're going to look at policing and policing in the future, not just in Milwaukee, but across the country."

The review comes amid protests across the country decrying police brutality and fighting for social justice and equality after the death of George Floyd on May 25 in Minneapolis -- sparking unrest in a number of cities, including Milwaukee.

Milwaukee Police Chief Alfonso Morales

Chief Morales had faced criticism before and after his appointment to the four-year post, but that criticism has grown since the protests began -- with Morales drawing criticism in early June over tactics used to disperse crowds after reported violence against officers.

Aldrete said commissioners need more time to decide what the outcome of the performance review will be.

"Could be a matter of having a conversation, issuing directives, and looking at all of the options when anyone of us receives a performance evaluation," said Aldrete.

Aldrete said the final part of the review was slated to take place in July -- that date up in the air after this meeting. The FPC is normally in recess in August, but it's likely commissioners will be meeting during that time.