Advertising executive talks this year's Super Bowl ads

BROWN DEER (WITI) -- The Super Bowl features some major players when it comes to advertising. FOX6 News spoke with an advertising executive with Cramer-Krasselt -- the second largest independent advertising agency in the United States in terms of revenue -- to get her take on this year's ads.

Both Jamie Schmelzer the football fan and Jamie Schmelzer the advertising executive are excited for Super Bowl Sunday!

"This is a pretty good match-up. As an advertiser, this is kinda like our Super Bowl as well. You got 100 million people watching this thing in the U.S. — maybe a billion people globally watching this game -- so you get everybody’s best shot. It’s pretty cool," Schmelzer said.

Schmelzer says many of us have already been exposed to the newest trend in Super Bowl advertising.

"The trend is about — it’s about content. I mean, the Budweiser stuff — they’ve got the spot with the puppy and the Clydesdale — that’s already got 20 million views on YouTube. There’s not a beer in that commercial," Schmelzer said.

Schmelzer says this kind of commercial campaign far exceeds the average cost of a 30-second spot.

"They want you to buy, kind of, an integrated package. So it’s hard to get in this game from a media perspective for less than seven to eight million dollars, and then you put the production on top of it," Schmelzer said.

For advertisers to get a good return on investment, Schmelzer says they need to capitalize on their super spots.

"Once your spot’s a ‘Super Bowl spot,’ it’s sort of got a credibility to it. Now it’s—it’s what do you do? You kind of put a flag down during the Super Bowl. What’re you doing after that?" Schmelzer said.

Schmelzer says Super Bowl ads offer an opportunity to take risks and innovate, which benefits the entire advertising industry.