Adult or children's court? Psychologist discusses mental health of Morgan Geyser, charged in “Slenderman” stabbing

WAUKESHA COUNTY — She sometimes sleeps on the floor, sits under tables, talks to fictional characters and acts like a cat. The bizarre behaviors of 13-year-old Morgan Geyser were described in a Waukesha County courtroom Wednesday, June 17th. Geyser is one of two girls accused of stabbing their friend 19 times in the woods in Waukesha to please the fictional character Slenderman. The victim survived. Now, a judge must decide whether Geyser should be tried in adult or juvenile court.

Geyser and 13-year-old Anissa Weier each face one count of attempted first degree intentional homicide.

Geyser has been diagnosed with early onset schizophrenia.

Now, a judge must determine whether she can get adequate mental health treatment in the adult court system. Geyser's attorney says no, and wants the case moved to juvenile court.

In court on Wednesday, Geyser was described as shy, intelligent and psychotic.

"When I saw her last week, a few days before Snape had come to visit her and kept her up until three in the morning by Morgan's report -- a Harry Potter character," Deborah Collins, a psychologist said.

Collins was hired by Geyser's attorney. She says where Geyser is now -- in the Washington County Secure Detection Facility, there is little psychiatric treatment. Geyser is on no medication.

But Collins testified Wednesday that Geyser is fine with that -- crying at the thought that medication would stop the voices she hears.

"She does not want the voices to go away. She does not want her friends to go away," Collins said.

Collins says the longer Geyser goes without treatment, the worse it is for her long-term health.

The prosecution will get to make its case that Geyser can get treatment if tried as an adult.

Geyser's hearing will continue Thursday, June 18th.

The other girl charged in this case, Anissa Weier, had a two-day hearing last month.

Judge Michael Bohren plans to announce his decision on whether to move the two girls to juvenile court in August.

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