Acts from across the globe announced for Summerfest's Emerging Artist Series

MILWAUKEE -- Summerfest revealed on Tuesday, May 28 that its Emerging Artists Series is coming back to the Johnson Controls World Sound Stage.

Local, regional, national and international artists will be featured each evening of Summerfest.  Many have gone on to become nationally and internationally known, including WALK THE MOON, Nathaniel Rateliff, Maren Morris, X Ambassadors, BØRNS, The Record Company and many others.

This year’s Emerging Artist Series line-up includes:

Date Set Time Performer Hometown
Wednesday, June 26 3:00 PM Dragondeer Denver, CO
  4:15 PM Taylor Phelan Sherman, TX
  5:30 PM Matt Hoyles Auckland, New Zealand
  6:45 PM Chastity Brown Minneapolis, MN
Thursday, June 27 3:00 PM Plaid Hawaii Milwaukee, WI
  4:15 PM Browns Crew Milwaukee, WI
  5:30 PM Zed Kenzo Milwaukee, WI
  6:45 PM Blackillac Austin, TX
Friday, June 28 3:00 PM The Last Bees Milwaukee, WI
  4:15 PM Gina Brooklyn Akron, OH
  5:30 PM The Beths Auckland, New Zealand
  6:45 PM Sweet Crude New Orleans, LA
Saturday, June 29 3:00 PM Skeleton Krew Jackson, TN
  4:15 PM Capitano Frankfurt/Berlin, Germany
  5:30 PM Raine Stern Madison, WI
  6:45 PM Leah Capelle Los Angeles, CA
Sunday, June 30 3:00 PM Dan Millson Madrid, Spain
  4:15 PM Ariana and The Rose New York, NY
  5:30 PM The Prussians Palma de Mallorca, Spain
  6:45 PM Andrew Leahey Nashville, TN
Tuesday, July 2 3:00 PM The Eldridge Band Nashville, TN
  4:15 PM Tribe Royal Ottawa, Canada
  5:30 PM The Foxies Nashville, TN
  6:45 PM Jeremie Albino Toronto, Canada
Wednesday, July 3 3:00 PM Valerie Lighthart Milwaukee, WI
  4:15 PM Royal Prospect Lomma, Sweden
  5:30 PM Hot Lips Toronto, Canada
  6:45 PM Velvet Starlings Los Angeles, CA
Thursday, July 4 3:00 PM The Orphan The Poet Columbus, OH
  4:15 PM Eddie Eberle Detroit, MI
  5:30 PM Tyler Boone Charleston, SC
  6:45 PM Amanda Huff Milwaukee, WI
Friday, July 5 3:00 PM Holy Pinto Milwaukee, WI
  4:15 PM Jordana Talsky Toronto, Canada
  5:30 PM Clear Pioneer Milwaukee, WI
  6:45 PM Immortal Girlfriend Milwaukee, WI
Saturday, July 6 3:00 PM Ever More Nest New Orleans, LA
  4:15 PM Thaikkudam Bridge Kochi, India
  5:30 PM Hannah Wicklund & The Steppin Stones Los Angeles, CA
  6:45 PM The Suffers Houston, TX
Sunday, July 7 3:00 PM FINKEL Mackinac Island, MI
  4:15 PM Chel Springfield, IL
  5:30 PM Yam Haus Minneapolis, MN
  6:45 PM SEGO Mapleton, UT

Summerfest 2019 takes place June 26-June 30 and July 2- July 7, 2019, closed on July 1.