Actor Charlie Sheen to meet Teagan Marti in Milw. on Monday

MILWAUKEE (WITI) -- Actor Charlie Sheen is expected to be in Milwaukee on Monday, April 15th. Sheen will meet 15-year-old Teagan Marti and her four-month-old service dog Charlie.

Sheen donated $10,000 to buy and train the dog.

On Thursday afternoon, April 11th, Marti held a news conference with family and friends on at the Hilton Garden Inn in Milwaukee to introduce Charlie. She's a four-month-old White English Golden Retriever. She's named after the man who paid for her.

Charlie is part support dog and part companion. She was trained by Jake Guell to meet Marti's needs.

Marti suffered a severe spinal cord injury in July 2010 on a ride called Terminal Velocity in Wisconsin Dells. She fell over 100 feet. Her nurse says few expected Marti to live through that night. She marvels at Marti's recovery and says Charlie is just what the doctor ordered.

Charlie's presence is the result of a letter written to Charlie Sheen. Stephen Cardinal lives in southeast Wisconsin and is a long-time friend of the actor. He sent Sheen the letter -- and the next thing he knew, Sheen sent a check.

Marti will get to take Charlie home with her to Florida at the end of summer. She was all smiles meeting her new friend -- and had just a few meaningful words to say.

"Thank you. I think she's great," Marti said.