ACT NOW: Milwaukee Public Libraries used as pre-election registration locations

MILWAUKEE (WITI) -- Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett and the Milwaukee Election Commission are urging people who are eligible to vote to get to one of the Milwaukee Public LibrariesMonday, Tuesday or Wednesday this week -- and register to vote.

All 13 library locations are being used as places where the public can go to complete their pre-election registration. The period for pre-election registration ends on Wednesday. That doesn't mean people eligible to vote are out of luck. It simply means they will have to register during the absentee voting process -- or on election day itself.

There is no cost to register to vote -- all you need to bring is proof of your residency which includes any government-issued ID or utility bill.

"We are very serious about making sure that those individuals who want to vote, who are eligible to vote in the November 4th election, have the ability to vote," said Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett.

Getting the paperwork done before time can save you time at the polls. It can cut down your wait time, to less than 15 minutes according to Milwaukee's election commissioner.

"It just means one less step that they`re going to need to complete at their polling location, they`ll be able to get in and out," said Milwaukee Election Commissioner, Neil Albrecht.

With the recent focus on Voter ID, which was in effect and then was halted by the U.S. Supreme Court, election workers want to make sure voters are aware of the basics of the election. For example, knowing if they have to re-register.

"If people have had a name change, if they've become married or divorced, or for some reason if their name has changed, they will need to re -register; but also if they've had a change of address," said Paula Kiely, director of Milwaukee Public Libraries.

Registration numbers in Milwaukee are down from 2010.  Election leaders hope to make the voting process are painless as possible, to encourage the highest possible turnout on November 4th.

City Hall is also open for this pre-election registration process.

CLICK HERE to view a list of Milwaukee Public Library locations and hours of operation.

Wisconsin law requires every qualified voter to maintain a current voter registration before voting in an election. Therefore, you must complete a voter registration application if you are a new Wisconsin voter, your name and/or residential address has changed since you last registered to vote, or if you have not voted in the past four (4) years.
If you are uncertain of your voter registration name, address or status, you can go to My Vote Wisconsin and select "Regular Voter" to look up your voter record.