Accused peach cobbler shooter claims self-defense

RED BANKS, Miss. — The accused "peach cobbler shooter" is speaking out after a squabble over the dessert led to a shooting.

The incident left one man recovering from a gunshot wound and another man behind bars facing attempted murder charges, according to WREG.

Stanley Woodson says the alleged victim, Logan Novascone, didn't tell the whole story when he said Woodson was mad his cobbler didn't have more peaches in it.

"He put me in fear for my life. He came over with something behind his back."

Stanley Woodson says remarks and fear of the unknown object he claims was hidden behind Novascone's's back is what pushed him to draw his gun.

"He said, 'I told you I will kill you.' I said, 'Why do you want to kill me?' You don't even know me."

Woodson says the confusion started over his craving for a sweet treat.

"I went into the store. I wanted to get me a little peach cobbler."

But he says he wasn't happy with the amount of peaches that was on his cobbler.

"I said, 'Ma'am could you put more in there and fill it up?"

He says he didn't curse in the exchange, but things did get out of hand.

Once he threatened to file a complaint, he was kicked out of the store. He claims that's when the victim started picking on him.

"I never made an advancement. I never said a word inside of the store."

But outside of the store was a different story. Both of the men agree they exchanged words, and Novascone denies pulling out a weapon.

Woodson says otherwise, and says he only pulled out his fiance's gun to protect himself.

"I shot in the ground. Then I realized he had a big old Dutch knife."

Woodson admits he fired about seven times, but says he never intended to hit Novascone, who wound up with a wound to the back.

Woodson says he owned up to his part in the crime right away.

"I went and talked to my family, called the Sheriff's Department and turned myself in. That's what I did."

Woodson will be in court Monday morning.