Accused of threatening officers with knife, killing father & uncle, Alfonso Martinez committed for 50 years

MILWAUKEE COUNTY -- 26-year-old Alfonso Martinez of Milwaukee, accused of threatening two Milwaukee police officers with a knife, and in the deaths of his father and uncle has been found not guilty by mental disease or defect, and committed to the Department of Health Services for 50 years.

Alfonso Martinez

The decisions were made as Martinez appeared in court on Tuesday, July 28th for his jury trial.

The court first found Martinez guilty on two counts of attempted first degree intentional homicide -- and then found him not guilty by reason of mental disease or defect, finding that Martinez suffered from a mental disease at the time of the offense, and was therefore unable to appreciate the wrongfulness of his conduct and unable to conform his behavior to the requirements of the law.

The court then ordered Martinez be committed to the Department of Health Services for 50 years, with credit for 240 days served.

The court determined that conditional release would pose a significant risk of bodily harm to Martinez or others and ordered the placement of institutional care. The court also ordered the involuntary administration of psychotropic medications because Martinez is substantially incapable of applying an understanding of the advantages, disadvantages and alternatives to his mental illness.

The bodies of Alfonso Martinez Sr. and Manuel Martinez were found in a home near Richards and Auer in early December 2014. Police say they died as a result of stab wounds, and that they had been dead for some time. Alfonso Martinez hasn't been charged with homicide.

A criminal complaint filed against Martinez says a citizen contacted Milwaukee police on December 1st, requesting a welfare check on her neighbors.

An officer spoke with the citizen, who explained she hadn’t seen her neighbors in days — with that citizen telling police it was unusual one of the neighbors hadn’t been outside to walk his dog. The complaint says the witness told police she had noticed the front door of the home was open for three days, and loud music was coming from the home.

The neighbor told police one of the people who lived in the home, Alfonso Martinez, has mental health issues.

The officer called for backup, and another officer arrived on scene. Then, the complaint says these two officers approached the home, knocking on the door.

When they didn’t receive a response at the front door, the complaint says the officers walked around to the rear of the home, and after not receiving a response at the rear door, an officer entered into the foyer area and observed what appeared to be a stack of magazines on the stove, smoldering. When the officer announced his presence, the complaint says he heard a loud rustling sound from within the home.

The officer fled the home, running back toward the front of the home.

As he was running, the officer observed Martinez shirtless, holding a large butcher knife with the bladed part in a downward position, saying “I’m going to kill you,” according to the complaint.

The officer yelled at the other officer to run, as Martinez, with the butcher knife in his hand, began to chase the officers, saying “I’m going to kill you.” The complaint says Martinez chased the officers around vehicles parked in the area.

Eventually, Martinez dropped the knife, and police were able to take him into custody.

Martinez's mother says he has mental health issues and has been in and out of psychiatric care. She says she tried to have him committed to a mental health center prior to the incident for which he's now charged.

"I know he didn't mean to, for whatever happened, to happen.  He loves his dad. He loves his uncle. I know he's forgiven. It's gonna take time for the family to forgive him," Martinez's mother Shanon Schroeder said.